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      Sakshi on #3422

      You can check here – Reference books for Groups

      Suggested Books

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      Sakshi on #3417

      Embedded Systems Development Offers Great Careers!!

      In today’s world embedded system is becoming part and parcel of our day to day life. Gadgets such as Smartphone, auto-lock car, A/C, fridge and set-top box have ushered in a difference in our life.

      For complete details about career in embedded systems, please visit Embedded Systems Development Offers Great Careers!!

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      Sakshi on #3414

      Please go through these articles.
      Career in Architecture

      For admission into architecture courses, see NATA

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      Sakshi on #3409

      Please go through this article. It may help you.

      Career in Embedded Systems

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      Sakshi on #3364

      Of course, B.Tech is enough to get a good job provided you have requisite skills. You need put hard work in searching jobs and attending interviews.

      For latest engineering jobs, click here

      For job guidance, click here

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      Sakshi on #3302

      For information on TS TRANSCO and GENCO posts,
      Click here

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      Sakshi on #3285

      Yes, it is related to logistics. There are many companies like Accenture, Mindtree, Capgemini, Tech Mahindra etc. which offer SAP SCM jobs. There are various institutes offering courses in Ameerpet, KPHB, Madhapur areas. Please visit them and find out the details.

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      Sakshi on #3238

      If you are good at writing, try writing for blogs or websites.

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      Sakshi on #3237

      Please visit the below link for reference books Reference Books

      For complete guidance and study material, Click here.

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      Sakshi on #3217

      It is not necessary to take coaching for CAT in the first year. You may practice aptitude tests from first year, but coaching can be taken in 3rd year.

      All the best!!

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      Sakshi on #3215

      Yes, they are given by APSCHE.

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      Sakshi on #3209

      As the number of students is less, the ranks too would be less. Hence, cut off too will be less.

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      Sakshi on #3206

      Hi Vamshi,

      It’s difficult to predict at this point because this is first time. In previous years, rank was for the united state, but now the same rank is only in Telangana state and hence, cutoff may decrease.

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      Sakshi on #3204

      It may decrease.

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