confusion about grade points in inter


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      Akhil on #3527

      sir give me clarification about grade points in intermediate

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      Sakshi on #3528

      Hi Akhil,

      As per the Minister for Human Resource Development Ganta Srinivasa Rao –
      students securing marks between 91 and 100 will get ‘A1’ grade,
      those securing between 81 and 90 will be given ‘A2’,
      the 71-80 category will get ‘B1’,
      61-70 will get ‘B2’,
      for 51-60, it will be ‘C1’,
      41-50 will be graded as ‘C2’,
      35-40 will get ‘D’ grade and
      students getting less than 35 marks will be considered ‘failed.’

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