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      siva on #3466

      I completed distance degree with 45% marks in bcom can i eligible for apicet and tsicet entrance exams?

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      Rama Krishna on #3467

      It is mandatory for all the aspirants to score minimum 50% marks in the qualifying examination (45% in case of SC/ST).

      and the degree should be recognized by the distance education council

      Bcom candidates can only apply for MBA

      Reference link :

      for any more doubts discuss here

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      Kodali on #3476

      what is joule-thomson effect?

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        Rama Krishna on #3478

        Joule-Thomson effect, the change in temperature that accompanies expansion of a gas without production of work or transfer of heat. At ordinary temperatures and pressures, all real gases except hydrogen and helium cool upon such expansion; this phenomenon often is utilized in liquefying gases. The phenomenon was investigated in 1852 by the British physicists James Prescott Joule and William Thomson (Lord Kelvin). The cooling occurs because work must be done to overcome the long-range attraction between the gas molecules as they move farther apart. Hydrogen and helium will cool upon expansion only if their initial temperatures are very low because the long-range forces in these gases are unusually weak.

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