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      Soma on #3324

      Hello sir i am writing in favor of my cousin.. her situation is a bit vital. can u please help

      Actually she finished her Intermediate in MPC in 2003 and joined Engineering and finished her Engineering in 2009. But as she always had interest in Medicine she again joined BIPC .. she gave exams for BIP in 2010 as a pvt student and cleared the same in 2010 after that due to some peronal reasons she didnt join any college .. now she is planning to join BPT and now we are in a confuiosn.
      she wrote Eamcet and got a rank of 47000+ and … now we are confused

      1. wtheater she is eligible to join BPT thru counselling??

      2. if she is eligible , does she need a equivalent certificate ???

      3. but we had tried in BIE office they say that its not needed.

      4. she didnt take her Long memo in 2010 what can we do now???

      5.Does she need to take a Equivalent certificate from BOI… as she is getting admitted into NTR University in Telangana only .. she did her intermediate from telangana only

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      Rama Krishna on #3343

      She is eligible for BPT

      First you can obtain Certificate from authority where you studied Bi.P.C

      Then write NTR Health University entrance test and go for counselling

      this year is counselling over

      next year you can try

      feel free to ask any queries and discuss here

      Rama Krishna

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